Our Mission

Our mission is to empower and assist individuals with developmental disabilities to achieve and maintain a comprehensive lifestyle. We advocate that each individual participate in all aspects of his/her private and community living and through individual choices and preferences, pursue personal, self-directed goals and growth. We want each individual to pursue his/her self-directed goals and aspirations with confidence and independence while maintaining positive relationships with families, friends, neighbors and people in their communities.

Business Philosophy

Our philosophy is deeply rooted in the way we interact with people we come in contact with.

Our philosophies are encapsulated in the core values stated below:

  1. People have the right to direct the decisions affecting their lives and welfare.
  2. The fundamental process for promoting growth is the empowerment to avoid dependency. IHCOS believes that dependency can be eradicated by our belief in these three basic steps:
  • Doing for the individual.
  • Doing with the individual.
  • Having the individual do for him or herself.
  1. As “all things are considered” in IHCOS; when there is a difficulty with an individual, we look at the programming and the environment. We then look at our staffs involvement and participation and at the individual’s involvement.
  2. At IHCOS we believe that people have the propensity to meet expectations when provided the right tools and environment for accomplishment. We therefore keep our expectations at an appropriate level for the individual. Thus when goals are accomplished, we share in the joy of success and avoid categorizing and blaming when goals are not met.
  3. Every individual is unique and should be respectfully treated in that manner. At IHCOS we fully understand and agree that what works for one individual may not work with another and thus we are always willing to adjust our approaches.
  4. At IHCOS our word is a promise and a commitment.
  5. We believe that tagging an individual as a “problem person” is due to lack of adequate systems thinking solution.
  6. At IHCOS, we are very sensitive to value differences as we maintain a non-judgmental attitude and environment.