Alternative Living Units

Alternative Living Units are designed to enable adults with disabilities to enjoy the independence of having a home of their own near family and friends. Individuals may share a home with others who need similar support to ensure their wellbeing. Staff training is designed to ensure safety and promote independence while respecting residents’ rights as shareholders in their home.

Each home is integrated into its neighborhood and household members are assisted in the assimilation with friends and neighbors in the community. House exteriors and yards are well-maintained, allowing them to blend well into their surroundings. Furnishings are comfortable, functional, and in good taste. Household members are encouraged to share their preferences in home decor and to bring personal items.

Meals are planned to take into account what each person likes to eat, as well as the dietary limitations or restrictions of each person. Household members assist with grocery shopping, meal planning and preparation, and other regular household activities.

Individuals are assisted in the development of leisure time activities which reflect their personal preference, choice, or interests. They are encouraged to maintain relationships with family and friends outside of the home and to create new friendships by participating in community activities. Each individual has a plan of care designed to assist them in achieving their maximum individual potential.