Community Learning Services

Community Development Services (CDS) is designed to provide an alternative to facility-based Traditional Day Habilitation services for individuals currently unable to work either because of their disability, age, or circumstances. The CDS supports individuals to be involved in activities in the community settings that improve their communication, social skills, health and wellness, and ultimately their employability.

Community Development Services are provided in accordance with the individual’s person-centered plan revisited at circle meetings and updated as needed at any given time.
The services are based on the vision for employment that are assessed through a person-centered process as well as the Vocational Profile assessments. The findings of the assessments and planning are documented in the Person-Centered Plan and the Individual Plan.

All supports are provided in groups of no more than four (4) individuals with developmental disabilities all of whom have similar interests and goals as outlined in their Individual Plan except in the case of self-advocacy groups. Self-Advocacy groups by nature are homogeneous and are an exception to this standard.
The IHCOS “Community Development Services” are designed to create meaningful days for individuals, and are specific, individualized and goal oriented. The program supports individuals in developing the skills and social supports necessary to gain employment; promote growth, and; provide activities, special assistance, support, and education to help the individuals whose age, disability, or circumstances currently limits their ability to be employed and participate actively in their community.

Services are highly individualized and can include, but are not limited to: self-determination/self-advocacy training; workshops and classes; peer mentoring; volunteer activities; activities that promote health, socialization, etc. An example is a person enrolling in related acting classes and volunteering at a local theatre as part of his overall plan to be a graphic artist. The career path chosen offers classes that are out of the realm of what the person directly wants to do. However, by engaging in the said opportunities he/she is creating the relationships with the people that he wants to ultimately work for and is getting ideas on where his passion fits in in the workforce. Progress towards the individual’s employment and career goals and outcomes will be assessed on an ongoing basis and reviewed at circle meetings.

IHCOS Care Associates, Inc. always promote the use of any mode of transportation
which achieves the most reliable, least costly, and most appropriate, means of
transportation for the individual with priority given to the use of public transportation when