Day Habilitation Program

The Day Habilitation Program is designed to provide comprehensive services that are deemed necessary to meet the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities. The desired outcome includes increased individual independence, reduction in service needs and increased community engagement.

It is an individualized program with services designed for the individual to achieve objectives of improved health, welfare as well as the realization of the individual’s maximum potential of physical, social, psychological and vocational potential for useful and productive living.

The specific services are designed and described in each individual’s IP (Individual Plan) to promote independent living in the community. Depending on the individual’s needs, the Habilitation Program and Services are designed to develop, maintain and/or maximize the individual’s independent functioning in self-care, physical and emotional growth, socialization, communication and vocational skills.

Some of the services we aim to provide through the Day Habilitation Program are education and training. This will allow individuals to acquire skills and experience needed to participate in the community, as well as activities to support individuals with building problem-solving, social, communication, daily living, and leisure skills.

Each Program is specially designed to provide for the individual’s unique needs and desires consistent with their IP.

Through IHCOS’ comprehensive array of services, the Day Habilitation Program seeks to improve the individual’s self-sufficiency, and independence through fostering the acquisition of skills, building positive social behaviors as well as building interpersonal competence, with greater independence and personal choice.

At IHCOS, the Day Habilitation Program is an ongoing process of relationship building resulting in getting to know the individual, the family, the advocate as well as the individual’s aspirations and needs, through regular productive contacts of “doing for, doing with, and having individual do for him or herself” whenever possible in achieving their life satisfactions.

An individual’s service may include a mix of Day Habilitation and Personal Support depending on the needs of the individual and the family.

Services are provided during daytime hours in a center/community based setting and do not include employment.