Personal Support

The Personal Support Program is an individually based program for individuals with developmental disabilities. This Program provides individuals in non-vocational activities with support necessary to enable them to live independently in their own homes and as part of their communities.

The Personal Support has been designed to promote independent living in the community for individuals with developmental disabilities who live in their own homes, but still require some support. The services we offer through this Program may range from a few hours each week for assistance in activities such as money management, shopping or social activities, to 24 hours staff support, depending on the individual’s needs. Each Program is specially designed to provide for the individual’s unique needs and desires.

Through IHCOS’ comprehensive array of services, the Program seeks to improve the individual’s self-sufficiency, independence, prevention of homelessness, as well as housing retention and recreation.

At IHCOS, the Personal Supports Program is an ongoing process of relationship building resulting in getting to know the individual, the family, the advocate as well as the individual’s aspirations and needs, through regular productive contacts of “doing for, doing with, and having individual do for him or herself” whenever possible in achieving their life satisfactions.