Transportation Services

The Transportation Services Program is designed to help individuals with developmental disabilities access activities in their community. The desired outcome includes increased individual independence, reduction in service needs, and increased community engagement.

The focus of this program is to increase individuals’ access and integration within the community along with their independence. Therefore, services offered by IHCOS include not only providing transportation services, but also teaching individuals to access, plan, and obtain public transportation.

The specific style and mode of transportation to be provided is described in each individual’s Person-Centered Plan (PCP) to promote independence. The modes of transportation that may be provided under this service include public (such as taxi, bus, or train) or by IHCOS. The method that best accommodates the individuals’ needs, such as wheelchair accessibility, and is most cost-efficient will be selected.

IHCOS provides transportation support services to individuals residing in their own home (under IHCOS group home program or independent)and those that reside with their family. If transportation is provided directly by IHCOS, it will be done so using vans owned by the agency if possible. Otherwise, IHCOS will coordinate use of appropriate transportation mode to support the individuals the agency serves.